Tuesday, November 13, 2007

11 Most Bicycle Friendly Cities

Wired Magazine reports that Virgin Vacations has put together a list of the 11 most bicycle friendly cities in the world.

  1. Amsterdam, Netherlands : see their Bike Dispenser
  2. Portland, Oregon : see a New York Times article on bicycle-friendly Portland
  3. Copenhagen, Denmark : see the Streetsblog Notes on biclycling in Copenhagen
  4. Boulder, Colorado : see the City of Boulder's bicycling transportation resources page
  5. Davis, California : see the League of American Bicyclists' extensive article on what makes Davis bicycle friendly
  6. Sandnes, Norway : see Marco Zanussi's profile on Sandnes Byke City (pdf)
  7. Trondheim, Norway : see the Trondheim bicycle hill-assist in action on YouTube
  8. San Francisco, California : get the 511 on bicycling in San Francisco
  9. Berlin, Germany : read the CBS News report on Berlin's bicycling boom
  10. Barcelona, Spain : see the Barcelona bicycling resources guide
  11. Basel, Switzerland : see stats and history of bicycling in Basel

The eleven cities were chosen based on "The Five Es" -- criteria drawn up by the League of American Bicyclists

  • ENGINEERING : facilities for accommodation of cyclists
  • EDUCATION : provision of funds for teaching safe cycling
  • ENCOURAGEMENT : how the community promotes and encourages bicycling
  • ENFORCEMENT : do bicycling laws exist and are they enforced
  • EVALUATION & PLANNING : is there a bicycle master plan

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