Monday, January 14, 2008

Flying Car Sells for $131K

The winning bid for the Sky Commuter prototype which sold on ebay this morning was $131,700.00. This vehicle is the only one remaining of the three which were built by Boeing in the 1980s at their Arlington, Washington facility, the other two having been scrapped when the $6 million Sky Commuter project was dismatled. The one seen here was saved from the scrapyard because it was not onsite at the time. Its sister ships have actually gotten off the ground -- about 10 feet off the ground, although this one is not flyable. The other two prototypes were damaged during testing and the original electric motors on this one were replaced with less powerful motors to prevent its getting off the ground. A former employee of Payne Aerospace writes, "ALL the flight tests were crash failures. They had overcome many issues but could not get away from power/rate/control issues. Years of testing, never a safe mode flight."

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