Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Hypermiling - Green alternative or just Cheap?

Photo courtesy of Simply Marvelous.

There are many different responses to rising fuel prices- driving less, complaining more, using more fuel efficient vehicles, or making your current vehicle more fuel efficient. One group has taken common tips to for fuel efficiency to the extreme- Hypermiling.

Hypermilers have six core techniques:
  1. First (and most important) step: Start recording your gas mileage. Easiest way? Use your trip odometer.

  2. Do you drive aggressively and not know it?

  3. How long are you sitting still at red lights?

  4. Keeping moving in traffic congestion

  5. Slowly accelerate after stops

  6. Your cruise control saves gas

Both NPR and CNN have profiled Hypermilers recently, and it's clear that it's attractive to people as both a way to save money and to help cut down on emissions.

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